I like to travel,

and now that I've graduated from college and have a full-time job, I finally have the time and the finances (sometimes) to quench my wanderlust. since I can't take you all with me (though I wish I could), I decided to keep you updated on my whereabouts via the blogosphere.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

>>> and so it begins...

[Calgary. looks a lot like Seattle, huh?]
My cousins from Calgary, Chantelle and Nicko, and Nicko's friends Rick and Vin arrived in Seattle last night. They stopped at the Tulalip shopping outlet on their way down, which added up to about a 4.5-hr detour... This just gave me more time to clean my room (where Chantelle stayed for the night). I had planned on taking them to happy hour, but they were pretty tired so we ended up watching the last 30 minutes of Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and then buying pizzas and beer and staying at home watching America's Best Dance Crew. I actually liked that better than the original plan because it allowed me to be lazy and to sit around in sweat pants. :D

You may be wondering why the Calgarians came all the way over here when we're all supposed to be in Calgary by tomorrow... Well, they went to a huge music festival over the weekend called the Pemberton Festival, which is in north British Columbia, so they figured while they were on this side of the continent, why not spend a couple of days in Seattle and pick Tita up while they were at it? I was going to drive up to Calgary with my own family anyway, but I figured it'd be a little more fun driving over with the cousins so I agreed to go with them.
So the plan for today is that we are going to leave for Vancouver after I get out of work and spend the night at Nicko's aunt's house, and then wake up early to get started on our 10-12 hour trek back to Cowtown, where we will be dining with the whole fam (or rather, whoever is already there) at Chan's house. Yay! I know it's really geeky, but I love family reunions and I love spending time with the Calgary fam, so I'm really really really excited to get there. =D

There's this funny "game" that my brothers and I always play with our Canadian cousins. It's the "Do You Have...?" game --- we spend a lot of time asking the Canadians if they have certain stores/brands/policies/etc. in Canada/Calgary, and they ask us the same sorts of questions about the U.S./Seattle. In this round, I'm discovering that we basically have all the same things. They even have Palomino's there! The major differences are that the legal drinking age in Calgary is 18, they don't have natural bodies of water (just manmade lakes) and their full price movie theater tickets are $13.75 each. Yikes.

Maybe the reason why I like Calgary so much because it's a lot like Seattle, even in appearance. I just couldn't live there, mainly because of the movie prices. And the water thing, too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

>>> snail mail.

I'm going to try my hardest to send postcards to people while I'm away (in the past I've always purchased the cards and forgotten to send them), but it's kind of hard to do so when I don't have anyone's addresses.

So email me your address and you might get a postcard from me ("might" being the operative word here.)

>>> update: bay area

Yep. Definitely happening. Changed my return flight(s) and everything.

This brings my total days out of town to 35 (out of the next 67 days). I predict a little homesickness coming on...

...but I'm still excited. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

>>> change in plans?

I might be changing my flight back from San Diego to Seattle and extending my "layover" in San Francisco... Possibly stay in the Bay Area for a few days?

I usually don't like being away from home so much (half of August and half of September!), but when the opportunity to go places and see things arises, I should grab it, right?

Time to start living!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just realized that I need to start reviewing my Italian NOW.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

>>> still in seattle.

I still have about a month before I go anywhere.
This is just a test.