I like to travel,

and now that I've graduated from college and have a full-time job, I finally have the time and the finances (sometimes) to quench my wanderlust. since I can't take you all with me (though I wish I could), I decided to keep you updated on my whereabouts via the blogosphere.

Monday, July 20, 2009

>>> where is tita, indeeeeed

I know, I know -- I am a failure as a so-called blogger. Meh. Sorry. Blame it on everlasting writer's block and a busy schedule.

I did just pop in to let you know about a confirmed upcoming trip -- Calgary! In less than two weeks! Me, Ricky, and Alyssa are heading up for bonfires, water slides, hot springs, and maybe just a little bit of debauchery since Alyssa's 18 now (legal drinking age in Alberta is 18, unlike the rest of Canada where it is 19).

I'm so excited to see the Calgarians again! I missed them... even though I just saw them 3 months ago. Haha.

I hope to be posting here again soon, but don't hold me to that. ;)